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This platforming game  was created in just 48 hours for GMT Gamesjam and utilizes a single mechanic of using your stretchy arms to traverse the environment in a new and unusual way.

We decided to base our game around an idea of being able to use your hands similar to how you would use a grappling hook. This single ability creates an advantage of drastically switching up the common platforming gameplay in a number of different ways.

We were also planning on making physics-based puzzles that could utilize said mechanics to manipulate objects. Unfortunately, we didn't quite manage to finish this feature till deadline.

Platform and requirements

 This game requires a controller to play and wouldn't work without it.

Third-party resources

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • FL Studio
  • Piskel
  • Coolors.co
  • Paint.net


  • Programming: Maksim Loboda
  • Game Design and Artwork: Lev Kamenskiy (https://le-von.itch.io/)
  • SFX and Music: Rostislav Litvinov

Post scriptum

We would appreciate any resonable feedback. Send your feedack over to nice.tushkan@gmail.com


RAF Noodle Hands 32bit.zip 70 MB
RAF Noodle Hands 64bit.zip 90 MB

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